Reversible coins for Hundred Frame

Reversible coins for Hundred Frame

These little coins are 1-inch diameter reversible coins that fit best with Treasures From Jennifer's Hundred Frames with Coin Pockets. They offer even more learning and play with your Hundred Frames with Coin Pockets as your child places each into the dimples of the boards. 

Choose from the drop down menu which reversible combination you'd like to match your Hundred Frame with Coin Pockets. The Abc/Symbols  indicates you will receive a reversible coin with one side printed with symbols numbers and the other side printed with the Alphabet Coins, which include a full uppercase and full lowercase set along with a mix of commonly used additional letters. The 100/Symbols will be 1-100 on one side and Math Symbols on the reverse. 

Also, Treasures From Jennifer has designed the numbers to use the same font as their number tracing boards for consistency in your child's learning journey.

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