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Noah's Ark - Holztiger

Noah's Ark - Holztiger

2/3 weeks waiting time from order point : We do not have the space to store these in our warehouse for this reason we are asking that you make sure you are willing to wait up to 2/3 weeks to receive your order as we will need to order it from Holztiger after your order. 

This ark measures 75 x 47 x 43.5cm. Figures are sold separately.
Gather your animals together and head up the ramp onto this beautifully crafted ark from Holztiger. Hand carved to epic proportions, there is plenty of space for all of your animals to live, as they sail out across the deep blue sea. A detachable cabin is the perfect spot for your sailing crew to guide this mighty vessel across the open ocean. The top deck is also detachable to allow greater access for play. The deck is trimmed with rope guard rails to prevent anyone falling overboard during the greatest of storms. Built on hidden wheels, children can tow their ark around easily using the roller bar.An amazing boat which is sure to be a favourite with children and adults alike. Use to retell the story/sing the songs of Noah and his ark or use as a plain sailing boat or a pirate galleon. It also makes a great place to store all of your wooden animals when not in use.Animals are sold separately. Handcrafted from maple and beech wood. The watercolours are guaranteed non-toxic and the fine wood grain can still be seen after being painted by hand. All Holztiger products are recommended for children aged 3 and over.
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