Montessori Kitchen/Worktop


A real Montessori inspired worktop-kitchen for you little one.

Inspired from the Montessori pedagogy, a method of education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, real life experience and collaborative play.


With a focus on Sustainability, Fuctionality and Style, the Kitchen provides an excellent tool to develop children's skills and encourage their independence through active learning, a fundamental of the Montessori learning ethos.

All of the Montessori Kitchens are provided with two sets of removable Feet/Legs (4cm AND 7cm), which means that they can grow when your little one grows.

Included with the Kitchen :

3 Litre Water Dispenser.

25 cm diameter Enamel Mixing Bowl/Basin.

Set of 4 cm Legs.

Set of 7 cm Legs.


The Little House Shelf isnt included but can be ordered separately, please contact me by email.


Delivery is Free in the UK, available in Europe but a quote will need to be added to the original price.


Please payment by card only for this item, no Paypal.

Made to order, please get in touch for an estimate of production time.


Zuri and Jane 

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