African Animals Set

African Animals Set

The toys are made of 2/3” (16 mm) solid ash-tree and coloured with water-based paint that makes the paint semi-transparent to keep wood texture visible.
An elephant, a giraffe, a zebra, a hippo, a rhino, a monkey, a leopard, a crocodile and a lion.

The toys could be a perfect part of a game playground on a table, on the floor or in a sandbox. Create your own magic savannah. 

The set is for 2 years old kids and older. All the items stand still on a flat (and not so flat) surface.

Zebra: 10 x 7,5cm (3.9" x 2.8")
Giraffe: 15 x 7,5cm (5.9" x 2.8")
Crocodile: 15 x 2,5cm (5.9" x 0,8")
Hippo: 11cm x 5,5cm (4.3" x 2.2")
Rhino: 11cm x 5,5cm (4.3" x 2.2")
Elephant: 11 cm x 9 cm (4.3" x 3.5")
Leopard: 10 cm x 6 cm (3.9" x 2.4")
Monkey: 5 cm x 4 cm (2" x 1.6")
Lion: 11cm x 7,5cm (4.3" x 2.8")

Zuri and Jane 

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